India (December, 2016) – As we departed from Manikarnika ghat; a sense of calm and reflection overcame us. Our boat motored away from the haze and melancholy; adapting ourselves for what turned into the grand crusade for jetimas's special paan, if nothing else it was an amusing exploit after a rather serious affair. 


Uzbekistan (November, 2019) – Amazingly; a year ago my feet were solidly planted in Central Asia, my mind is still racing from sensory overload. 

As the light dwindled down for the day, we sprinted through the last of the beautiful portals. In Samarkand; Mirzo Ulug Beg's architectural legacy is a 15th century madrasa at the monumental Registan square. Described in it's heyday as one of the best universities of the Muslim Orient, and although the lecture halls no longer echo discourse, it still feels like a place of learning.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – As we gathered ourselves, still vibrating from the ensemble of characters we had just met. Whilst back on the our hired barge; our final views remain the lingering troupe who welcomed us the previous day. Blissed out in fantasy; we prepared ourselves onwards floating eastwards down the Tsiribihina for promised viewings of endemic flora and fauna including the enigmatic lemure.

Mexico (October, 2017) – Bewildered in another world semblance of fantasy, we wandered around dazed by delightful encounters. Celebrating Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca is magically memorable, each year the reveries of that brief interlude comes streaming back. I've come to adopt the occasion to reminisce about those long past.

India (December, 2016) –  We spent a few hours driving the desert roads from Jaipur day-tripping to explore a beautiful but bedraggled Indian palace. On our way back from a majestic wander around the empty Mughal era compound, I had the car stop at the side of the road to explore a mirage of white. The carvers, their garments, their tools, the stones, everything in site was blanketed in white dust from the chiseled stone sculptures being born from skilled hands. 

Canada (June, 2019) – On the last Sunday of June a yearly event miraculously appears just outside my front door. My favourite past-time is people watching from my front steps. It's a colourful celebratory feeling as we all unite to appreciate freedom and pride. 

Canada (June, 2019) – With summer's end, it is apparent that the usual summer spectacles will reconvene at a later date. Farewell pandemic summer; summer of uncertainty, summer of hibernation, sunny summer of corona.