Canada (April, 2016) – Often its the seemingly uneventful days that enlighten the sense with surprise interludes in secret places, sometimes its just the way the light dances shadows on the hard city scape.

India (December, 2016) - Leaping about the 17th century city ruins was an imposing amount of wild monkey's bordering both sides of the passageway. Worshippers at Bhangarh Fort offer donations of roti and bananas to the massive refuge of furry rascals. Having no food to share, I had a rather heart thumping scolding from a hangry langur. Our welcome relief came from a curious gatekeeper and cold water in her copper lota. We tempered our nerves for a brief moment before entering the haunted site.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – I wandered through the small factory, watching as the large squad processed tobacco leaves for cigarettes. Milling about the massive horde of freshly dried leaves was the equivalent of the water cooler gang, their offspring playing about with remnants of factory parts and scrap foliage. It was a visible space which included preschool teachings; haphazard chalk doodles evident on the workshop window shutters. 

USA (February, 2018) – We spent part of the afternoon exploring The Broad; wandering between oversized Koons sculptures and whimsical Basquiat's, Lichtenstein's and Warhol's to name a few. The highlight felt like a nanosecond; inside one of the Kusama infinity installations, alone locked in a mirrored box full of string lights. It certainly marvelled the senses. After our curious carousal, I hopped across the street to admire one of Gehry's architectural wonders.

Uzbekistan (November, 2019) – It was our last evening and it felt like a pending fear of missing out loomed over us as we doubled back through the Itchan Kala. Our rather friendly carpet merchant drove us back to our hotel through an unexplored gate, the raging vehicle rumbling over cobblestone. Almost miraculously a series of rather long standing (some bits no longer standing) Sufi tombs appeared, embedded into the fortified walls surrounding the original 5th century fortress city. 
India (December, 2016) – After lunch we were invited into the family compound; as I sauntered around surveying the scenery, I discovered the matriarch feeding her youngest. Unaware my companions had left to circle around the fields and loiter around with the neighbours. It became evident; I was the only one she felt comfortable enough with to share in her nurturing glory.

India (May, 2017) – We had meandered around Baboo Ghat a number of times; eventually becoming familiar with the kushti masseurs holding court under the bridge. Being female I was unable to arrange a massage for myself, but unbeknownst to my cousin we set him up for an oiled up acrobatic adventure.