India (December 2016) – Amer's marvel is the Amber Fort, despite the hoards of tourists I found a few moments of photographic wonder. The remaining details of ivory and mother of pearl inlay around the doorways, mirrored walls and hidden passageways eventually leading to the fourth inner courtyard, where the rumours suggest once held veiled activity. For me it was the way the enigmatic light danced on the weathered baradari pillars, striking in contrast to the backdrop of the dilapidated inner courtyard.

India (December, 2016) – In Rajasthan, somewhere between Jaipur and Abhaneri we stopped in for lunch at a small rural family compound. We ate a traditional lunch, while a gaggle of children milled about; some doing chores, some too young to do anything but giggle. I wandered about, even trying my hand at spinning fodder for the herd of buffalos, turns out the children made it look rather easy.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – Once a dense forest; what remains is a dusty dirt road and the Avenue Des Baobabs. Between rice paddies full of blue water lilies and low laying brush along the plains, stands these majestic sky-scraping trees. Rambling down the road, one feels miniature next to the towering giant baobabs. I had the honour of celebrating the start to a new turn around the sun with a breathtaking view.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – Sometimes it's the way the light glows off the skin, the way the faces emerge from the darkness. It's the interaction, the surprise, the surreal... it's the gaze from a distance.

Mexico (November, 2017) – Our new friends brought us to San Antonino Castillo Velasco, in time for a saunter through the local cemetery. We discovered plots in full bloom from the annual tomb decorating contest. Walking the narrow intertwining paths; I followed the sounds, revealing a trio of musicians serenading the ancestors.

Morocco (September, 2014) – For me the Red city was a feast of architectural wonders; including the massive arched doorways, which in my imagination held mysterious urban oasis' amid the chaos of the surrounding medina.

India (December, 2016) – Our last stop of the day, was a pitstop in Abhaneri to explore one of the historical Chand Baori's. The repetitive geometric architectural design carved deep into the surface was a spectacular sight. Although the green hue of the diminutive rainwater collected at the bottom, clearly marked the site of yesteryears. The little moment of magic was the Hindu priest preparing to preform his rituals. Evidently landlord to a small derelict altar set off to one side of the large stepped-well, I watched as he began his prayers.