Morocco (September, 2014) – My reveries of Marrakech typically conjure the assault of colours, textures, patterned mosaics. Also the sounds; pulsating, resonant with the heartbeat of the city. Sometimes though it's the quiet moment lost in wanderlust, in unusual places with curious characters.

India (December, 2016) – The "love-birds" and I spent the day promenading around Jaipur,  incidentally stumbling upon a hidden Kali temple situated amid the bustling city markets. We made our way along the winding walkway into a small courtyard with several elevated structures. The delight of exploring the sacred space as daylight started to dim; was the multitude of colourful kites in contrast with the dusking sky.

Canada (May, 2011) – The ROM holds memorable explorations through my early learning years; the bat cave, dinosaur skeletons, totems. A realm of natural history, worldly antiquities and a couple mummies. I distinctly remember the time; Ms. Mummy lost her toe, we scurried out of there in our best version of an Indiana Jones action sequence. It took me a few months before another venture into the Egyptian collection, despite the weekly visits to the museum on the way home from school.

India (December, 2016) –We drove several hours from Gangtok through the mountains; arriving at Ravongla to explore the Sikyamuni Buddha and marvel at the panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga. Bewildered at the size and splendour of the surroundings, we descended the meditative walk down through the garden below. The spectacular golden buddha and snow-capped peaks were more dramatic on our way out; enhanced by the blaze of orange and red hues, remnants from the setting-sun.

Thailand (January, 2003) – After a rather uneventful train ride; the adventure started by negotiating a rickshaw driver to cart us around the historical ruins of Ayutthaya. We roamed from temples to monasteries, and stopped to observe various size and shaped buddhas – including an ancient buddha head enveloped in the roots of a banyan tree. I marvelled at the weathered history; the dilapidated stones and the overgrown trees in the former Siamese capital.

India (December, 2016) – Just before exiting Enchey Monastery, I passed a group of novice monks laughing and leaping about. It took me a few moments to realize I had stumbled upon an intense small pebble battle; opposing sides launching tiny eroded pieces of ancestral under-earth at one another. It finally occurred to me that these mini crimson robed children, were indeed just being kids. I watched for a few minutes before waving and hustling back down the steep incline to meet the motoring vehicle.

Cambodia (December, 2002) – Our boat for hire, deposited us for lunch at a small floating village situated along TonlĂ© Sap Lake. We scrambled up a series of rather precarious wooden ladders into a well weathered stilted hut. Perched above; we devoured the sounds and the sights of daily life, as animation drifted by.