Turkey (November 2019) – My visit to Istanbul was a tease, a brief layover after a whirlwind of silk road activity. Built in 360 AD, formally an Orthodox cathedral, converted during the Ottoman empire into a mosque. The Aya Sofya museum is a spectacular place space where people of all faiths seems to connect with deep appreciation. There's an outstanding mix of classical Christian iconography with remnant of original mosaics, opulent candelabras, holy Islamic script and a minbar adoring the interior of the mesmerizing structure. Despite the ongoing renovation, tourists and selfies are abundant.

Currently on assignment: Uzbekistan (November, 2019) – It's those universal moments, where one remembers the innocent joys of childhood. We watched as a few boys began shooting an impromptu game of football, squealing out in joy and shouting out boundary lines. Within a few minutes the boistrous game came to an abrupt end, as the security guard for the religiously historical Bibi Khanym ran after the young intruders. 

Currently on assignment: Uzbekistan (November, 2019) – Traipsing around in the Silk Road city of Khiva; the epic centre of cross culture knowledge, wisdom, religion and trade has been a long held dream. Walking the historical stone roads and taking in the breathtaking blues, turquoise and white painted tiles have been mentally stimulating. The site of numerous sufi tombs are tranquil and peaceful similar to moments visiting with familiar ancestors long since past, perhaps in part because this assignment honours my grandparents.

Mexico (November, 2017) –  We spent a couple weeks traipsing around Oaxaca; the first week of our travels involved sporadic encounters with devils, beasts and catrina's from early dawn til past dusk. Being in Oaxaca for Dia de los Muertos was an experience of a lifetime.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – After a couple hours of rumbling through dirt roadways we arrive to meet our "zebu 4x4" for passage towards "the baobabs". For several hours, these beautiful beasts carted through harvested rice paddies, small tributaries and muddy ponds filled with wild blue hyacinths. Despite the jarring transportation, the surrounding canvass was spectacular.

India (March, 1998) – From Agra; I ventured by taxi to explore Emperor Akbar's former haunts. I peregrinated through the glorious remnants of Fatephur Sikri; stuck by the light and shadows cast through the marble jalis, particularly those encompassing the mausoleum of a famed Sufi saint are indelible in my minds eye.

India (December, 2016) –  Just outside the main entry to the famed Agrasen ki Boali in Delhi, camouflaged between the colourful painted graffiti style murals of Vishnu and Ganesha stood a youngster manning his structure-less snack shack.