France (September, 2014) – I've always loved the Institut du Monde Arabe for its architectural design. Each time I find myself in Paris, I find my way to marvel at the magical light that illuminates the senses and dazzles the eyes with it's mechanical geometry. It's apparent that regardless of age, it's a lovely place to dream.

India (May, 2017) –  Kolkata was super hot and humid, trying to amuse ourselves we ventured over for a morning visit at Baboo Ghat, whereby local convene for purification baths in the Ganges. While the family was entertained with the kushti circus around us, I dared moving a few steps further and spent a bit of time watching those bathing between the blooming water hyacinths.

Uzbekistan (November, 2019) – Our short week inside the historical city is still a highlight of my last travel foray since the start of the global pandemic. Our week in Khiva; included reuniting regularly with a group of musicians who continued to serenaded the minimal crowds as tourist season had dwindled down. My primary observation of the troupe was more often of them chatting and smoking between performances. 

Canada (September, 2021) – We wandered around the decadent neighbourhood observing the new social distancing pop up patios and new murals adorning the cityscape facades. From a couple blocks away I made eye contact; my companion and I sauntered past the afternoon patio patrons and traffic to admire a facade that several weeks ago was not so vibrant. I amused myself from behind a wall of large plants to capture the eye that had called out to me.


Turkey (November, 2019) – We arrived on a short layover between flights. Given the previous weeks in Central Asia's winter weather; Istanbul was temperate, warm and had high humidity. It was heaven!

Our short sejour allowed us to wander around the major historical sites within a short distance from our lodgings. After our last hurrah exploring Topkapi; we celebrated our journey with juice from a street vendor in Sultanhmet Square, before hightailing it back to the airport for the final leg home.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – After a full day of new adventures (with feet planted on earth versus the sea legs aboard a boat) and an entourage of little ones circling around, I finally mustered the courage to say 'au revoir'. I left the last of the home visits to cumulate more memories, but I find the nostalgia of that particular day still marks me in profound ways. It continues to encourage hope and excitement towards fresh travels to remote parts of our beautiful world, to rendezvous with new souls and collect new life altering experiences.

France (July, 2010) – We treated ourselves to a gluttonous brunch at Angelina's, one of the historical tea houses close to the centre of Paris, known for viscous like hot chocolate and ridiculously perfect pastries. From there we gallivanted around, trying to mitigate any postprandial somnolence. Sluggishly zigzagging the city, exploring the street art and street illusions.