India (January, 2003) – While perhaps not the most popular tourist destination in India, Kolkata holds me at an emotive and affective level. My ancestral connection to the city has allowed me to explore it's many canals, ponds and other natural subsidiaries. These waterways are where one encounters life: bathing, cooking, cleaning, play and socializing are all connected by water.

Mexico (November, 2017) – Being in Oaxaca for Dia Del Los Muerto was surreal. Surrounded by beasts, devils, a myriad of la calavera catrina's. Dazed for days in processions; in cemeteries, out on the street, even feeding on midnight tacos. I'd do it again in a minute!

India (March, 1998) – Rambling my way around the haunting structures of Fatehpur Sikri was part of an awakening; for a split second in time, intuition connected as magic occurred. There are times in your life that mark philosophical rights of passage, those few months in India changed the entire direction of my life.

Morocco (September, 2014) – We spent the week immersing ourselves into the beautiful chaos of the Jemaa el-Fnaa souk. Weaving our way through narrow passageways of merchants hawking pottery, leather and metal goods, argan oil, spices, "flying carpets" and life's essential... food. At dusk, the emanating smells, sounds, sight and taste were an overwhelming delight.

Cambodia (December, 2002) – We spent an afternoon hightailing it along TonlĂ© Sap Lake; the three dames filled with excitement and wonder, watching the shoreline while daily life passed... we skiddooed away.

Madagascar (March, 2010) – After days of floating along the Tsirisihina, westward from Miandrivazo towards the sea. I discovered a collection of miraculous things the moment I ventured into a tiny remote village.  Years later, I still envisage a group of children chasing one another with a rather chilled-out chameleon.