Belgium (May, 2015) – The intended goal was a short road trip to Bruges with the matriarch and then back to the ancestral homestead for one last hurrah. Upon our return we stopped in Ghent to spin around for the afternoon marvelling at the architecture. Stadshal is a stand alone canopy which while being an open air structure, still has an overwhelming cathedral feel to it. The interior Afrormosia wood panelling and heavy metal beams, a striking contrast to the architectural styles surrounding the city pavilion. 

Iceland (2010) – My flight arrived in Keflavik just as the sky was rising from its summer slumber. In a matter of hours, I was wading in the Blue Lagoon shaking off the mundane stress of life. I spent the day in Iceland, soaking myself in the intense hues of milky blue-turquoise geothermal waters, surrounded by the remnants of ancient lava flows. It was quite the surreal experience for someone living in a concrete jungle. 

Madagascar (March, 2010) – I was definitely not prepared for the odyssey ahead, adventuring in what the locals called ‘zebu 4x4’. We arrived in the middle of nowhere; to find a rather medieval looking wooden cart and two huge zebu being harnessed and hitched to what turned out to be our transportation. We were hauled; tossed and shaken about through marshes and swamps filled with water lilies, under tamarind trees and eventually through rice paddies. The mise-en-scène was rather glorius.

France (May, 2015) – We took the train into the city for the essential excursion into history and for some gourmandise. Somewhere between sampling chocolate and venturing for gelato, dashing our way through point zero and finding distractions in the barrage of street art, I found a moment of reflection. It's the novelty of doing everything and nothing at the same time. It's always a sensory experience when day-tripping with the tribe, though perhaps groovy isn't the correct term.

Canada (December, 2023) – It felt very apocalyptic as the fog overtook the car for long stretches of  road. The four year old remarkably repeated and multiplied our discourse that the world was coming to an end, as everything beyond a couple metres simply disappeared from sight. To lighten the mood, we debated flat earth theories and zombies between humming the tunes melodically playing in the background. Our loft goal of catching the northern lights was indeed a failed family mission; but what we missed out with climacteric skies was replaced instead of living in the moments of pure wonder and joy.

Canada (December, 2023) – We skirted around Bridal Veil Falls; along the winding path of fairy houses, passing several bronze sculptures and patches of dangling icicles without the covering of snow. Mother nature has certainly made her mark, as our expectations of snow-covered indigenous territories failed to appear. We arrived in Manitoulin expecting inclement weather and perhaps an atmosphere of winter wonderland. Instead the last day of the year brought with it a mix of emotions, lost in thoughts and taking in new memories while adventuring into the woods.

Morocco (September, 2014) – I'm unsure if the Art Deco details or the muted hues drew my attention first, but the coral gate was different from its surroundings. I have an intellectual draw towards the romanticism of postcards, letters, calligraphy and all things postage. Cast against the adobe hues, the amusement of a lovely coral letterbox invigorated my imagination.